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Sonic the Hedgehog Red Outline Pint Glass

Sonic smirks and gives a "thumbs up" on this cool Sonic the Hedgehog glass! The Sonic the Hedgehog Red Outline Pint Glass is a black pint glass, six inches tall. It features a red-outline image of the super-speedster from Sega's videogame series Sonic the Hedgehog. "Let's get this party started!"

  • Black Pint Glass
  • 6 Inches Tall
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Do Not Microwave


    We do however recommend washing this Glassware product by hand with some soap and water. This will ensure the best care to protect and preserve the artwork on these glasses from higher temperature automatic dishwashers and harsh dishwasher detergents. Your dishwasher may fade the art from this glassware if washed improperly.


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