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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always here to answer your questions during normal business hours (9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday EST). Feel free to give us a call or e-mail us if you have any other questions, comments or concerns.

Do you wholesale?
We do not wholesale. We are a retail store. If you are interested in ordering a large amount of a specific item we may be able to provide a discount.  Please call for further assistance. 

Can you send me a catalog?
We do not print a paper catalog. We carry too many items and inventory changes too frequently. Our website is our catalog!

My order won’t go through. What’s the problem?
If get an error message when you order, nine times out of ten it’s because the billing address you entered does not EXACTLY match the billing information associated with your credit card. Even if you receive your statement to that address, the billing info the card issuer has on file may be different. In these cases, you have to check with the card issuer and make sure the billing info they have on file matches what you’re entering on our site.

How much is shipping?
We subscribe to USPS and UPS gateways for providing real-time, accurate shipping charges. To determine shipping costs, add all the items you want to your shopping cart. Click “View Cart” at the top of the page. In your cart, you will see a Shipping Calculator where you can input your state and zip code to get the shipping cost for your order.

I am ordering a small item and shipping is more than the item itself. Is this correct?
Sometimes shipping will be more than low-priced items. Shipping is calculated by dimensional weight (weight and box dimensions), with the "from" state of New Hampshire. Charges are calculated directly by USPS and UPS. We don't inflate ship costs. In fact, many times we pay more than what we charge you for shipping.

What kind of packing materials do you use? Besides the shipping label, is there anything else that indicates what company the package is coming from?
We use paper, bubble wrap, and shrink-wrap to ensure your items reach you or the recipient safely. We do not use packing peanuts as they are not environmentally safe and are messy.